Discover what people really

Deploy and analyze AI-powered interviews to unearth rich insights from any target audience, at scale.

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Finally. Get breadth and depth of insight.

AI-powered interviews allow you to get the depth of user interviews with the breadth of surveys to help you inform and de-risk critical decisions.

Engage existing customers
Recruit a specific demographic
Build a continuous feedback pipeline
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We get it. You're busy and need rich insights ASAP.
We're here to help.
Increase Responses
Get more information from each and every participant with engaging surveys.
Free your Calendar
Everything runs asynchronously. Run user interviews without scheduling.
Save time on analysis
Extract and analyze thousands of text responses with powerful querying tools.
Increase Accessibility
Deploy in 70 different languages and access on any mobile or desktop platform.

How it works



Frame your study with a few high-level questions. Use an existing audience or define a new one.



Deploy a study just like a survey. Our AI-powered researchers are designed to get curious, be empathetic, dig deeper, and unearth rich insights at scale.


Dig In

We leverage natural language understanding (NLU) models to extract participant behaviour, intent, feelings, and more to help you unearth underlying needs.

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Invent the Future with InsightLab

Enabling qualitative research at scale to help product teams make informed decisions and solutions that resonate.


Launch a study with existing customers or a specific demographic with just a few clicks.


Your data belongs to you. It is securely stored and it is never sold or used to train AI models.


Our surveys are capable of speaking and translating 70 different languages.


Our team of researchers
is there to support throughout your study.

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Predicting the Future
April 14, 2023
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Juicy Tensions
March 24, 2023
Elevate Your Product
Elevate Your Product
January 2, 2023

Ready to invent the future?

Start by understanding your customers better with InsightLab.

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